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Assez d'hypocrisie sur la Grèce !

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The moral crusade against Greece must be opposed ... - The Guardian


‎13 hours ago ...

The idea that Greece partly deserves its fate reflects an order in which wealth trumps democracy. We should fight a narrative that enfeebles us ...

extrait :

These talks did not fail by accident. The Greeks have to be humiliated, because the alternative – of treating them as equal parties or “adults”, as Lagarde wished them to be – would lead to a debate about the Eurogroup: what its foundations are, what accountability would look like, and what its democratic levers are – if indeed it has any. Solidarity with Greece means everyone, in and outside the single currency, forcing this conversation: the country is being sacrificed to maintain a set of delusions that enfeebles us all.


(hypocrisie : du grec hupokrisis, action de jouer un rôle )

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